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Angeltone introduces the VS...
a more affordable Angeltone pickup!

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Want to hear some great country Tele playing?
This is John Stannard from Austin, TX...
1) BRAND NEW... playing live with his trio with his new Tele on New Year's Eve 2014
2) and playing 'Stateside' with a stock Angeltone 50B lead in his silver Tele (with David Hartley on steel)

Watch John in his own words talk about his custom set of Angeltone pickups
he uses in his Telecasters...in his selfrecorded Youtube video here

Heard about John Stannard's custom set of Angeltone Tele pickups on Youtube or a musician's forum?
Complete sets of John's own special pickups are now on sale in the Teles and Clones part of our catalog!

   Soundclips of all our pickup models are available in our catalog
Go to each pickup model's catalog page to find their soundclips

We are "Lefty Friendly"!  Read the 'About Us' page
in the catalog for more details!

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